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Microsoft Planning to Reward Well Behaved Xbox Live Users

XboxLive_LogoHey gamers, have you been good boys and girls and boys this year? Well good news if you have, especially if you own an Xbox, as Microsoft has announced plans to introduce a reward system for players with a good reputation.

The plans were revealed by Microsoft development lead Frank Savage at this year’s GDC (Game Developer’s Conference). According to Savage, it’s Microsoft’s way of saying “Thanks for being such a good member of the community, here’s a reward.”

Although only in the brainstorming stages at the moment, Microsoft hopes that offering rewards will encourage better behavior standards in their online community, rather than simply punishing players who behave poorly. Currently players who receive an abundance of negative feedback from others have their bad behavior reflected on their gamercard and are forced to play with other bad players in multipayer matches.

It is unknown at this stage what the rewards might be, but we will update you as more details about these plans are revealed.

Yoshi’s New Island Launch Trailer Released

yniNintendo has released a new trailer giving us an extended look at Yoshi’s New Island. The sequel to the classic Yoshi’s Island is only days away from release, so the trailer may help you decide whether or not to part with your hard earned cash. The gameplay looks very similar to that of the original with some new additions, such as new egg types and multiplayer mini-games.

The game launches on March 14th, check out the trailer for yourself below.

How Solid Snake Got His Name

solidsnakeIn a series of tweets Hideo Kojima has explained how he came up with the name of his most famous creation, Metal Gear Solid protagonist, Solid Snake.

Kojima explained, “The reason I used Snake as code name in MG was snake was the most appropriate symbol of living thing that hides his presence, & sneaks w/o any noise. The reason I didn’t make any specific snake like cobra, anaconda, viper was because the protagonist is the player. The reason I use SOLID was to give opposite impression of soft image.”

He also revealed the naming process behind Snake’s twin brother and enemy from Metal Gear Solid, Liquid Snake.

“Like of all endings of the any series are, the appearance of strongest enemy was a must in MGS. It’s Snake who can surpass the Snake. Thus I brought about “clone”. SOLID vs LIQUID. That is MGS.”

Finally, in Metal Gear Solid 2, a third brother was introduced, “As to develop sequel, the 3rd snake was needed. Since both solid & liquid express state, means same true state. Naturally the next would be gas but gas snake is like gas human, not handsome name. So I borrowed from physics terms of “solidus/liquidus”. SOLIDUS is not state but implies the boundary of liquid and solid.”

The next game in the series, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, will be released on March 18 in the US and March 20 in the UK. It will serve as a prequel to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain which does not yet have a release date.


Bioware Shows Off the World of Dragon Age: Inquisition

Bioware has released a new video demonstrating how the world of Thedas will look in Dragon Age: Inquisition, and my does it look pretty! The RPG will be powered by the Frostbite 3 engine, and it certainly looks like they are making the most of it, as you can see in the video below.

Producer of the game, Cameron Lee, had this to say,

Dragon Age: Inquisition is BioWare’s first next-gen game. It’s also our most ambitious game to date! Nowhere is this more visible than in the incredible size and diversity of locations, life, and hidden places you’ll discover on your journey […] The world’s population is based on an emergent system that adjusts what you’ll encounter based on how your actions tip the balance in the area. You’ll see towns attacked by bandits, deer fleeing from wolves, giants feeding on bears, and countless other scenarios.

The game is currently set for release in Fall 2014.

New Batman Game Arkham Knight Revealed

Batman Arkham KnightA new Batman game titled Arkham Knight has been announced for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC, after originally being uncovered by who discovered a listing on UK retailer GAME’s website.

batman_knightDevelopment of the game is being handled by Rocksteady, who worked on the first two games in the franchise, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, before WB Montreal took over the reins for the most recent title, Batman: Arkham Origins. For the first time in the series you will be able to drive around the streets of Gotham in the Batmobile, and as usual you will face a wide array of Batman’s foes, including Scarecrow, Harley Quinn, Penguin and Two Face.

US retailer Gamestop has listed the game’s release date as October 14th 2014, if you pre-order the game you will be able to play as Harley Quinn across four exclusive challenge maps. It has also been confirmed that the game is coming exclusively to next-gen consoles, meaning no PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii U versions will be released.

Rocksteady have also released an announcement trailer for the game which you can view below.

Xbox One Gets Price Cut in UK

titanfall xbox

Microsoft is dropping the price of the Xbox One only three months after its release. After the price cut takes effect on Friday the Xbox One will cost £399 and will be bundled with hotly anticipated game Titanfall, the console currently sells for £429 with a bundled game.

This means the Xbox One will now match the price of the Playstation 4, which is currently outperforming Microsoft’s console in sales by about two to one, although the PS4 can still be bought for £349 without a game included.

Harvey Eagle, Xbox’s UK Marketing Director explained the decision,

The reason we’re doing this is that we’re committed to giving gamers the best value that we can. We’re only a few months into a generation of consoles that are going to last for many many years to come, and now just feels like the right time to make the adjustment on the price.

Microsoft hopes the inclusion of Titanfall, a Microsoft exclusive title, will help improve sales, although the game does not officially release until March 14th, meaning people who buy the console at the cheaper price point before then will have to wait to play the game.

The price cut currently only applies to the UK, although the Titanfall bundle will be available in other territories.

Hints & Tips – The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword




Batreaux’s Rewards

Batreaux's Rewards

Batreaux is a creepy looking bat-demon that lives in Skyloft and asks Link to help him become human because his monstrous appearance scares the other residents of Skyloft. You can help him by collecting gratitude crystals which are earned by doing good deeds for people you meet throughout the game. Batreaux will reward you multiple times for collecting a certain amount of crystals.

Crystals Required                                                 Reward

5                                                              Medium Wallet

10                                                            Piece of Heart

30                                                            Big Wallet, Cursed Medal

40                                                            Gold Rupee

50                                                            Giant Wallet

70                                                            Gold Rupee x 2

80                                                            Tycoon Wallet

Bioshock Developer Irrational Games Closing Down


Ken Levine, founder of Irrational games, has today announced that the studio, famous for the acclaimed Bioshock series, will effectively be shutting down. Levine says he will be creating a new development team made up of “about fifteen members of the Irrational team” and focusing on “a smaller, more entrepreneurial endeavor.”

The new team will fall under the banner of Irrational Games parent company Take Two and will “focus exclusively on content delivered digitally.”

Levine also assured outgoing staff that they will receive as much support as possible,

There’s no great way to lay people off, and our first concern is to make sure that the people who are leaving have as much support as we can give them during this transition.

Besides financial support, the staff will have access to the studio for a period of time to say their goodbyes and put together their portfolios. Other Take-Two studios will be on hand to discuss opportunities within the company, and we’ll be hosting a recruiting day where we’ll be giving 3rd party studios and publishers a chance to hold interviews with departing Irrational staff.

Besides the Bioshock franchise Boston based Irrational Games is also well known for publishing System Shock 2 in 1999. The studio will be greatly missed by the gaming community.

You can read Ken Levine’s full statement here.

Final Fantasy 7 Director Talks Remake Possibilities

ff7logoFor years now fans of the Final Fantasy series have been clamouring for a HD remake of it’s most acclaimed entry, Final Fantasy VII. In 2012 then CEO of Square Enix Yoichi Wada said that the company would only remake FF7 once they had created a new Final Fantasy game that surpassed it in quality.

Yoshinori Kitase, director of Final Fantasy 7 recently spoke with Eurogamer about the chances of a remake and unfortunately his stance seems much the same as Wada’s, although he admits he is intrigued by the possibility.

I can honestly tell you I would love to do that. If you simply ask me if I personally would like to do that, yes I would. Definitely. There’s no lie about it. But you must believe me when I say it would take a lot to happen.

Kitase also mentioned “staff availability and budget” as potential stumbling blocks in getting the project of the ground. Besides that Kitase also explained that the project was not currently a priority for him personally because he does not feel motivated enough to do it.

Even if I casually say I would like to do that, because it would be a huge project I would have to motivate myself to the level that I really am prepared to take on this huge responsibility […] should I ever take it on, it would have to be the biggest project I’ve done. My life work. So I would have to be as highly motivated as that to end up with something I’m very happy with. It’s a huge thing for me.

Kitase and Square Enix are currently working on remastered versions of Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2 for PS3 and PS Vita, and Kitase has personal reasons for wanting to make new versions of those games, “My son, he’s at the age where he was too young to have played the original games when they released […] I wanted him to play one of my creations, so I had to make it available for PS3 and Vita users. That’s the reason.”

While a Final Fantasy 7 remake may not currently be in production it’s encouraging to hear that Kitase has given serious consideration to the idea, so fans will surely get their wish at some point in the future. Before that happens FF fans will  have the recently released Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII to keep themselves busy as well as the aforementioned FF 10 and 10-2 remakes and the forthcoming Final Fantasy 14 MMO.

N7 Day 2013: Bioware Thanks Mass Effect Fans

n7dayToday is N7 day, Bioware’s now annual celebration of all things Mass Effect, and the Edmonton based developer has created a special video thanking fans for their dedication to the series featuring voice-overs from some of the games cast.  It’s definitely worth a look if your a fan of the franchise, you can see it below:

Bioware has also been celebrating the occasion in many other ways which you can read about on their blog here.