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Bioware’s New Game is an Online Co-Op Action RPG

Shadow Realms, RPG, Bioware, PC

After teasing fans for several weeks with mysterious videos and cryptic online clues Bioware have finally revealed that their new game, Shadow Realms, will be an online action RPG for PC with a focus on co-op multiplayer.

Players can either join a party of four “modern-day heroes” with magical powers, or take control of the evil “Shadowlord”. In typical Bioware fashion players will be able to make choices throughout the story which will be released episodically, Bioware compared the format to that of a TV series. Locations featured will span from Paris to the gothic world of Embra.

The game has been earmarked for release towards the end of next year and Bioware is offering players the chance to sign up for the closed alpha via the game’s official site. Bioware also released a live action trailer for the game which you can watch below.


Microsoft Planning to Reward Well Behaved Xbox Live Users

XboxLive_LogoHey gamers, have you been good boys and girls and boys this year? Well good news if you have, especially if you own an Xbox, as Microsoft has announced plans to introduce a reward system for players with a good reputation.

The plans were revealed by Microsoft development lead Frank Savage at this year’s GDC (Game Developer’s Conference). According to Savage, it’s Microsoft’s way of saying “Thanks for being such a good member of the community, here’s a reward.”

Although only in the brainstorming stages at the moment, Microsoft hopes that offering rewards will encourage better behavior standards in their online community, rather than simply punishing players who behave poorly. Currently players who receive an abundance of negative feedback from others have their bad behavior reflected on their gamercard and are forced to play with other bad players in multipayer matches.

It is unknown at this stage what the rewards might be, but we will update you as more details about these plans are revealed.

Nintendo Suspends 3DS’ Swapnote/Letter Box Service

nintendoletterboxendedNintendo has disabled the spotpass function of Swapnote (known as Nintendo Letter Box in Europe), preventing 3DS users from sending messages or drawings to each other. Nintendo explained that this was done out of concern that “offensive material” had been sent to minors through the service. Nintendo is well known for being extremely cautious when it comes to the online functionality of it’s consoles, this is one of the reasons why it’s friend system is much more complicated than on other systems, however the company is clearly not satisfied that parents are making proper use of the 3DS’ parental controls. The following statement was released via Nintendo’s official website:

Thank you for your support.

Nintendo has learned that some consumers, including minors, have been exchanging their friend codes on Internet bulletin boards and then using Swapnote (known as Nintendo Letter Box in other regions) to exchange offensive material. Nintendo has been investigating ways of preventing this and determined it is best to stop the SpotPass feature of Swapnote because it allows direct exchange of photos and was actively misused.

Nintendo always wants to provide a positive experience for all consumers and limit the risk of any inappropriate activity or misuse of a service. We feel it is important on this occasion to take this action.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience to the many consumers who have been using this service responsibly; however this decision was made considering the point that many minors also use this feature of Swapnote. Thank you for your understanding.

Nintendo will continue to work to ensure more consumers are aware of our Parental Control features, which allow parents to manage their children’s experience on our systems. For more information, please click here.

Service stop date: Thursday, Oct. 31, 2013, 7 p.m. PT

Service being stopped: Nintendo 3DS software Swapnote – Sending and receiving notes using SpotPass

Affected regions: All regions where the service was offered

Special Notes services are also stopped

Nintendo has not yet stated whether the service will return at a later date.

PS4 Allows Players to Use Real Name Online At Launch


Sony has confirmed that it will allow Playstation 4 users to go by their real name when using the console’s online services. The option will be available from the system’s launch which is in contrast to the Xbox One – the feature will not be available until a later date on Microsoft’s new console.

Gamers are of course under no obligation to reveal their real names and can continue to use a chosen username if they prefer. The thinking behind allowing players to use their real names is to make online gaming more appealing and accessible to wider audiences and create greater integration with social networks.

Decide for yourself how you want to be known online when the PS4 releases, on November 15 in the US and November 29 in the UK.

[SOURCE: Kotaku]