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Cheats & Tips – Rayman (Game Boy Color)

Rayman, Game Boy Color, 3ds Virtual Console

Get 99 Lives

Pause the game at any point and input the following code: A, →, B, ↑, A, ←, B, ↓, A, →, B, ↑, A, ←, B

Level Select

Enter CH5G4mS1jD as a password to unlock all levels.

Get Full Energy

At the pause screen press B, →, A, ↑, B, ←, A, ↓, B, →

View World Map

At the pause screen press A, ←, A, ←, A, B, →, B, ↑, B, A, ←, A, ↓, A

Unlock All Powers

At the pause screen press →, ←, ↑, ↓, A, ↑, ↑, ↓, ↓, B, →, →, ←, ←, A


Cheats & Tips – Mario Golf (Game Boy Color)

Mario Golf Game Boy Color, Box Art

Unlock All Characters

At the title screen press A B A B A A A A and you will unlock all hidden characters.

Level-Up Mushroom Locations

  1. In the room on the right hand side of the director’s office search the bookcase.
  2. In the cupboard of the Club Maker’s Hut.
  3. In the bushes on the left hand side near the entrance to Peach’s Castle.

Retry a Hole

If you play a bad shot quickly save the game and exit to the title screen (But don’t turn off the Game Boy). When you reload the game you’ll be back at the start of the hole. You can do this as many times as necessary.

Next Mega Man Game for 3DS eshop to be Voted for by North American Fans

mega manCapcom have started a poll on their Capcom Unity website allowing North American Mega Man fans the chance to vote for which classic game from the franchise they would like to see next on the 3DS eshop. There are six games to choose from, four from the Game Boy (Mega Man II – V) and two from the Game Boy Color (Mega Man Xtreme 1 & 2).

All six games will be released regardless in what Capcom has dubbed “Mega May”, but the winner of the poll will arrive first, on May 1, with the rest hitting the eshop on subsequent Thursdays.

Voting ends at 10am Pacific Time on 14th April.

Cheats & Tips – Blaster Master: Enemy Below (Game Boy Color)

Level Select Passwords

BMEB boxartLevel 1: E6C3D3KF

Level 2: E6D3D3KG

Level 3: E7C3D3KH

Level 4: E7D3D3KI

Level 5: F6C3D3KQ

Level 6: F6D3D3KR

Level 7: F7C3D3KU

Level 8: F7D3D3KT