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New Pokémon App Launched

Pokémon Camp

The Pokémon Company has today announced a new app for iOS devices. Titled Pokémon Camp the app allows players to learn about the world of Pokémon through various activities such as ‘Pokéball Throw’ and the ‘Battle Matchups Quiz’. As you progress through these activities you will earn pins of which there are nearly 100 to collect. You can also collect stickers to decorate photos taken with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

The app is available for free now via the app store. To run the app you need an iPhone 4S or later, or an iPad 2 or later with at least iOS 7 installed.


CD Projekt Red Working on Mobile Game

cdpredThe developers of The Witcher series of games, CD Projekt Red, have announced they are working on a mobile game. The Polish development team have not yet revealed the exact nature of the game but an official announcement is expected soon. In a management report, translated from Polish by Eurogamer, the company stated:

For several months, along with an external partner, we worked on another, unannounced project, which we plan to launch this year. It’s a multiplatform mobile game, made with advanced technological capabilities of tablets and smartphones in mind. Thus, we are entering a completely new territory in terms of gameplay and business model, realising our strategic plans to enter the mobile gaming market.

CD Projekt Red co-founder, Adam Kicinski, shed further light on the decision to develop for mobile devices:

Smartphones and tablets are truly powerful platforms these days and are finally giving us the ability to develop mobile games we would like to play ourselves; games that are taking full advantage of newest smartphone and tablet technologies, and offer the quality level that we, as a studio, are always aiming to achieve.

The game is apparently based on one of the developer’s existing brands, so it could be some kind of tie-in to the recently delayed game, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The only other game CD Projekt Red is known to be working on currently is Cyberpunk 2077.