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Cheats & Tips – Bio-Hazard Battle (Sega Mega Drive)

Level Select

When the Sega logo appears, hold down the ‘C’ button. Once the title screen pops up, keep button C held down and make a circular clockwise motion with the joypad, starting from the up position. If the cheat worked you will hear a chiming sound. Now press start and you can begin on any level of your choice.

Cheats & Tips – Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins

Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins. Game Boy, 3DS, Nintendo

Easy Mode

You can switch to easy mode by entering the pipe room where you select your play file and pressing select.

Demo Mode

A little known secret is that you can actually control the demo that appears if you leave the title screen open. Hold down ↑, SELECT and B (in that order) at the title screen and when the screen changes you will be controlling Mario, however the game will freeze after 60 seconds and you will have to restart.

Cheats & Tips – Super Mario Land (Game Boy)

Super Mario Land characters, Nintendo, Game Boy, 3DS

Free Continue

If you run out of lives hold down A and the press START.

Hard Mode

After completing the game once the mushroom on the title screen will be replaced by Mario’s head indicating that a harder version of the game has been unlocked which features many tougher enemies.

Level Select

Complete the game twice without turning off the power to make the level select appear. This is much easier to do on the 3DS Virtual Console version as you can save your progress.

Easy Lives

On world 2-3, the level where Mario pilots a submarine you will find a plethora of coins spelling out Mario’s name and a 1-up heart in the wall afterwards. Grab as many coins as you can as well as the 1-up and then die when you reach the octopus enemy. You should be respawned just before the coins and can repeat the process as many times as you want.

Cheats & Tips – Rayman (Game Boy Color)

Rayman, Game Boy Color, 3ds Virtual Console

Get 99 Lives

Pause the game at any point and input the following code: A, →, B, ↑, A, ←, B, ↓, A, →, B, ↑, A, ←, B

Level Select

Enter CH5G4mS1jD as a password to unlock all levels.

Get Full Energy

At the pause screen press B, →, A, ↑, B, ←, A, ↓, B, →

View World Map

At the pause screen press A, ←, A, ←, A, B, →, B, ↑, B, A, ←, A, ↓, A

Unlock All Powers

At the pause screen press →, ←, ↑, ↓, A, ↑, ↑, ↓, ↓, B, →, →, ←, ←, A

Cheats & Tips – Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance (GBA)

Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance, GBA

Play as Maxim Kischine

After completing the game once start a new game with MAXIM as a name.

No Magic

After completing the game once start a new game with NO MAGIC as a name.

Hard Mode

After completing the game once start a new game with HARDGAME as a name.

Unlock Boss Rush Mode

Boss Rush mode is unlocked upon completing the game, there are three levels that can be unlocked (Easy, Normal and Hard) by playing in succession.

Play as Classic Simon Belmont

After unlocking Boss Rush Mode press ↑, ↑, ↓, ↓, ←, →, ←, →. B, A, SELECT when the Konami logo appears. This allows you to play as the NES version of Simon Belmont in Boss Rush Mode.



Cheats & Tips – Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (GBA)

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon box art, Konami, Game Boy Advance, Wii U

Unlock Magician Mode

Complete the game, then start a new game and enter ‘FIREBALL’ as a name. If done correctly the word ‘Magician’ will appear on the Option screen. In this mode all trading cards will be available immediately under the DSS option.

Unlock Fighter Mode

Complete the game in Magician Mode and start a new game with ‘GRADIUS’ as a name. The word ‘Fighter’ will appear on the Option screen if done correctly. Nathan is stronger and able to take more damage in this mode. Trading cards are not available in this mode.

Unlock Shooter Mode

Complete the game in Fighter Mode and start a new game with ‘CROSSBOW’ as a name. The word ‘Shooter’ will appear on the Option screen if done correctly. Nathan will have a greater number of hearts, extra sub-weapon damage and can use the Homing Dagger sub-weapon in this mode.

Unlock Thief Mode

Complete the game in Shooter Mode and start a new game with ‘DAGGER’  as a name. The word ‘Thief’ will appear on the Option screen if done correctly. Nathan’s stats will be lower to begin with in this mode and will not increase as much when you gain a level apart from the ‘LCK’ (Luck) stat which will start at 1600 and will increase by an additional 160 LCK at each level.

Spinning Attack

While using the whip hold down the attack button to make it spin round in a circle. This will prevent small enemies from hitting you but you cannot move while performing this attack.

Defeat Dragon Zombies

An easy way to defeat the Dragon Zombies is to jump up to the platform by the door where you entered whenever you get hurt and activate the Jupiter + Mandragora DSS combo to heal yourself. Just watch out for the occasional fireball which may come your way.

Defeat Death

To defeat Death easily activate the Jupiter + Manticore DSS combo. This prevents his sickles from hitting you.

DSS Card Locations

This is a list of DSS Card locations and the enemies that drop them.

Action Cards Location
Mercury Bone Head in Catacomb.
Venus Slime in Catacomb, Abyss Corridor (hidden room), and Audience Room.
Jupiter Heat Shade in Machine Tower.
Mars Bloody Sword in Chapel Tower.
Diana Man Eater in Underground Gallery.
Apollo Arch Demon in Underground Storage.
Neptune Ice Armor in Underground Waterway.
Saturn Fallen Angel near the Battle Arena.
Uranus Scary Candle in Golem Boss Room (defeat Camilla first).
Pluto Trick Candle in Cerberus Boss Room (defeat Camilla first).
Attribute Cards Location
Salamander Bomb Skeleton in Catacomb.
Serpent Earth Demon in Catacomb.
Mandragoras Axe Armor in Abyss, Corridor (in a hidden room), Audience Room.
Golem Electric Skeleton in Audience Room.
Cockarice Stone Armor in Machine Tower.
Manticore Thunder Demon in Machine Tower.
Griffon Skeleton Athletes in Audience Room (hidden room far to the right).
Thunderbird Were-Panther in Chapel Tower.
Unicorn White Armor in Battle Arena.
Black Dog Devil Armor in Battle Arena.

Hints & Tips – Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land (GBA)

Unlock Boss Mode

Finish the game once.

Unlock Extra Mode

Complete Adventure Mode with 100%.

Unlock Meta-Knight Mode

Complete Extra Mode with 100% (beat all nightmares).


Hints & Tips – Pokémon Trading Card Game (GBC)

Pokémon Trading Card Game, Game Boy Color, GBC, Box ArtMew Promo Card

Beat the Challenge Cup a second time to get this card.

Free Booster Packs

Use a computer in one of the gyms and click on the menu that has Japanese writing and numbers next to each item. Click on any of these and you should get a booster pack each time.

Infinite Energy Cards

Go to Dr. Ooyama’s lab and fight Mikasa. Every time you do this you will get two boosters full of energy cards.

Level 9 Slowpoke

Make a deck with 59 energy cards and one basic Pokémon and use it as your dueling selection. Go to Fire Club and a boy there will ask for your unused energy cards. If you say yes he will give you Slowpoke, if you say no he will leave and not come back and you will be unable to get the Slowpoke.

Hints & Tips – The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (GBA)


Find the Tiger Scrolls

You can find Tiger scrolls hidden throughout the game to learn new sword techniques. Read below to see where they are located and what each of them do.

Spin Attack

Location: Go to the trainer in Hyrule Town after completing the first dungeon.

Effect: Allows you to spin 360 degrees with your sword.

Sword Beam

Location: In the southeastern corner of Hyrule Castle garden. You must have the lantern to light the torches inside.

Effect: Shoot beams with your sword when at full health.

Dash Attack

Location: Learnt from the trainer in town after obtaining the Pegasus Boots.

Effect: Allows Link to dash with his sword out when the Pegasus Boots are equipped.

Peril Beam

Location: On the southwest side of Lake Hylia. You need the flippers to access the dojo and must have 10 or more hearts or the swordsman will not teach you.

Effect: Same as the sword beam except it works when you are very low health.

Rock Breaker

Location: Learnt from the trainer in town after beating the second dungeon.

Effect: Allows you to break stones and jars with your sword.

Roll Attack

Location: Learnt from the trainer on Mount Crenel once Link knows how to split in two using the White Sword.

Effect: Link can perform a forward slash with his sword when coming up from a roll.

Down Thrust

Location: Learnt from the trainer in town after getting the Roc’s Cape.

Effect: Allows Link to perform a downward thrust after jumping with the Roc’s Cape.

Great Spin Attack

Location: Learnt from the trainer under the gravestone in the Castor Wilds. Can only be learnt once you have found all 7 previous scrolls.

Effect: Allows Link to perform a continuous spin attack.

Great Spin Attack upgrade #1

Location: Behind a waterfall in the swamp. Fuse kinstones with the Roll Attack trainer to get there (you’ll need the flippers).

Effect: Makes the spin attack go even further.

Great Spin Attack upgrade #2

Location: Behind a waterfall near the castle walls. Fuse a kinstone with the Peril Beam trainer to get there (once again you’ll need the flippers).

Effect: Increases the distance you can go with the spin attack.

Speed up ‘Cloning’

Location: Fuse a kinstone with the sword beam trainer so you can get behind a waterfall in the western mountain with your flippers.

Effect: Enables Link to make copies of himself more quickly.

Boss Guide

Deepwood Shrine

Mini-Boss – Madderpillar

Hit it’s nose to turn it white. Go to it’s tail and start hitting it.

Boss – Big Green Chuchu

Use the Gust Jar to suck up the Chu Jelly from it’s feet and it will fall over. Now you can hit it’s head.

Cave of Flames

Boss – Gleerok

Fire the Cane of Pacci at it’s back, then walk over it’s neck and hit it’s back while it is unconscious.

Fortress of Winds

Boss – Mazaal

Shoot the palms of Mazaal’s hands with arrows, then hit them with your sword. When both hands are out of action, shrink and enter Mazaal’s mouth. Once inside find the vulnerable pillar and keep hitting it.

Temple of Droplets

Mini-Boss – Big Blue Chuchu

You can defeat him the same way as the boss from the first dungeon. Just don’t attack while he is charged.

Boss – Big Octorok

Deflect the stones it shoots at you with your shield until the Octorok freezes itself. Take this opportunity to set fire to the flower on it’s back with your lantern.

Palace of Winds

Boss – Gyorg Pair

Hit the small blue Gyorg in the eye when it opens one whilst avoiding it’s tail and the small green enemies. When you reach the big red Gyorg use the flashing tiles to duplicate yourself and hit all it’s eyes at the same time. After that hit all the eyes whenever they open. Eventually the blue Gyorg will drop down and the red one will soon follow.

Dark Hyrule Castle

Final Boss – Vaati

Vaati takes on multiple forms during this battle. First he moves around with eyes floating around him. Destroy the eyes then attack the big eye when it opens. When he shoots a black hole at you suck it up. Do the same when black holes circle around him. Attack the eye whenever possible.

In the second form you must shoot the balls surrounding Vaati with your arrows until you find four red ones. You must then hit them all at once with the 4-Link technique. Still with four Links hit Vaati’s eye and repeat until this form is defeated.

In Vaati’s final form wait until he sinks one of his arms into the ground. It will reappear somewhere else. Flip it over, shrink and enter the arm. Inside find the eye that is deepest red and kill it to destroy the arm. Once both arms are destroyed Vaati will shoot lightning and lasers at you. Dodge the lightning and shoot back the lasers with the 4-Link technique. If you successfully return all the lasers you can hit Vaati in the eye. Repeat this until Vaati is defeated!



Hints & Tips – Klonoa: Empire of Dreams (GBA)

Klonoa: Empire of Dreams,  Game Boy Advance, Wii U, Box Art

Secret Visions

In addition to the 35 normal levels of the game there are three hidden levels which are much more difficult than the rest of the game. Here’s how to unlock them:

Vision Ex 1: Complete the first 35 levels.

Vision Ex 2: Complete 25 levels with all gems.

Vision Ex 3: Complete every other level (including Ex 1 and Ex 2) with all gems.

Save Lives

If you only have one heart left, press start and select retry. This will take you back to the last door you came through with your health restored.