New Harvest Moon Renamed for Western Release

Story of Seasons, Harvest Moon, 3DS

The latest Harvest Moon game is being localized for western audiences, but due to legal reasons the newest entry in the long-running series will go by the name Story of Seasons when it launches on the 3DS.

The change in title is due to the game being published by a different company, XSeed, a subsidiary of developer MarvelousAQL. Natsume, who have localized most of the previous entries in the series, owns the intellectual property rights to the “Harvest Moon” brand, but Marvelous and XSeed have vowed to continue the franchise with the same development team – just under a new name.

The game was launched in Japan earlier in the year where it was known as Bokujo Monogatari: Tsunagaru Shintechi (or Farm Story: Connect to a New World). The Japanese title refers to connectivity features that allow players to interact over Nintendo Network.

Marvelous and XSeed released a description of the game stating that players can:

create fully customizable character[s], selecting gender, hair style and facial features as desired. They will then take on their role as the newest resident of Oak Tree Town, a small settlement filled with promises of new beginnings, hard work and significant relationships. In the process of tending to crops, animals and the many other aspects of everyday farming life, players will amass the resources necessary to customize and expand their farms — from livestock and seeds to décor and layout — granting total freedom to shape their homestead as they wish and fit virtually any play style.

This should reassure fans that the game will indeed follow the traditional Harvest Moon format.

Story of Seasons will be shown at this years E3 so we should have plenty of new info to bring you soon.


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