Special Vivillon to be Distributed to Mark Pokémon Milestone

Fancy Pattern Vivillon

A special ‘Fancy Pattern’ Vivillon is to be distributed in Pokémon X & Y to mark the 100 millionth trade made using the Global Trade Station. So far around 90 million Pokémon have been traded using the service and with the popularity of the game it surely won’t be long until the 100 million goal is reached.

The Pokémon Company released the following statement about the distribution event:

Vivillon is a unique Pokémon in that the patterns and colours on its wings typically vary based on the real-world region in which a player lives. Because of this characteristic, players around the world have been exchanging Vivillon via the GTS to collect all of the regional patterns.

This newly discovered Vivillon breaks with that tradition: it will become available to Pokémon fans across the globe once the 100 millionth Pokémon is traded via the GTS. When this enormous milestone is reached, a special distribution event will take place, enabling all players of Pokémon X or Pokémon Y to receive the Fancy Pattern Vivillon wherever they are in the world!

The Fancy Pattern Vivillon will know the moves Gust, Light Screen, Struggle Bug and Hold Hands. You can see some images of the Vivillon in action below.

Fancy Pattern Vivillon, Pokémon X & Y

Fancy Pattern Vivillon, Pokémon X & Y


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