Hints & Tips – Golden Sun (GBA)

Golden Sun, Game Boy Advance, Box Art

Teleport to Sanctum

When continuing a saved game hold down L + R + START + SELECT when selecting your save file. This will teleport you to the sanctum of the last town you visited.

Easy Money

Before entering the portal in Sol Sanctum sell all of Jenna’s items.

Find Hidden Items

If you use reveal sparkles will appear around objects that contain hidden treasures.

Rare Items

Giant Axe – Destroy an Earth Golem with a Wind Djinn and they may drop  the Giant Axe, a rare weapon which will raise your attack by 158 and inflicts the power ‘Meltdown’ on enemies.

Kikuichimonji – Kill Fenrirs at Venus Lighthouse and if you’re lucky one of them may drop this item.

Spiked Armour – Can also be found in Venus Lighthouse by repeatedly battling monsters.

Zodiac Wand – This item is sometimes dropped at random by monsters in Venus Lighthouse.

Lucky Medals  – Can be found by searching gravestones.

Unicorn Ring – Found in the jar to the left of the master in Fuchin Temple.

Turtle Boots  – After heading through the barricade go to the small island with the bridge near it. You should see some woods there. Press A to search in this area until you find the Turtle Boots.

Rename Party Members

Before entering your own name press SELECT three times to rename everyone in your party.


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