Hints & Tips: Super Mario Bros Deluxe (Game Boy Color)

smbdx boxart


Play As Luigi

To play as Luigi press select on the map screen before you start the level, press it again to change back to Mario. This works in both Classic and Challenge mode.

Play the “Lost Levels”

Complete the original game twice without warping to play “Super Mario Bros For Super Players”. This is in fact the version of Super Mario Bros 2 originally only released in Japan and known as “The Lost Levels” in the West.

Fireworks Display

To get a fireworks display at the end of a level you need to grab the exit pole when the number on the timer ends with either a one, three or six. The amount of fireworks you get will match the number and you will receive extra points for each one.

Warp Zones

World 1-2: Towards the end of the level jump onto a lift going upwards and leap off onto the ceiling blocks. Keep running right across the top and you’ll go past the end of stage pipe to a different set of pipes, these will take you to various stages further along in the game.

World 4-2: Smash the blocks in the ceiling above the tall pipe before you reach the surface to find another warp zone.

Race Vs. Boo

When your points total reaches over 100,000 a new mode will unlock where Boo challenges you to race through levels.


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