Xbox One Gets Price Cut in UK

titanfall xbox

Microsoft is dropping the price of the Xbox One only three months after its release. After the price cut takes effect on Friday the Xbox One will cost £399 and will be bundled with hotly anticipated game Titanfall, the console currently sells for £429 with a bundled game.

This means the Xbox One will now match the price of the Playstation 4, which is currently outperforming Microsoft’s console in sales by about two to one, although the PS4 can still be bought for £349 without a game included.

Harvey Eagle, Xbox’s UK Marketing Director explained the decision,

The reason we’re doing this is that we’re committed to giving gamers the best value that we can. We’re only a few months into a generation of consoles that are going to last for many many years to come, and now just feels like the right time to make the adjustment on the price.

Microsoft hopes the inclusion of Titanfall, a Microsoft exclusive title, will help improve sales, although the game does not officially release until March 14th, meaning people who buy the console at the cheaper price point before then will have to wait to play the game.

The price cut currently only applies to the UK, although the Titanfall bundle will be available in other territories.


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