Hints & Tips – The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword




Batreaux’s Rewards

Batreaux's Rewards

Batreaux is a creepy looking bat-demon that lives in Skyloft and asks Link to help him become human because his monstrous appearance scares the other residents of Skyloft. You can help him by collecting gratitude crystals which are earned by doing good deeds for people you meet throughout the game. Batreaux will reward you multiple times for collecting a certain amount of crystals.

Crystals Required                                                 Reward

5                                                              Medium Wallet

10                                                            Piece of Heart

30                                                            Big Wallet, Cursed Medal

40                                                            Gold Rupee

50                                                            Giant Wallet

70                                                            Gold Rupee x 2

80                                                            Tycoon Wallet


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