Final Fantasy 7 Director Talks Remake Possibilities

ff7logoFor years now fans of the Final Fantasy series have been clamouring for a HD remake of it’s most acclaimed entry, Final Fantasy VII. In 2012 then CEO of Square Enix Yoichi Wada said that the company would only remake FF7 once they had created a new Final Fantasy game that surpassed it in quality.

Yoshinori Kitase, director of Final Fantasy 7 recently spoke with Eurogamer about the chances of a remake and unfortunately his stance seems much the same as Wada’s, although he admits he is intrigued by the possibility.

I can honestly tell you I would love to do that. If you simply ask me if I personally would like to do that, yes I would. Definitely. There’s no lie about it. But you must believe me when I say it would take a lot to happen.

Kitase also mentioned “staff availability and budget” as potential stumbling blocks in getting the project of the ground. Besides that Kitase also explained that the project was not currently a priority for him personally because he does not feel motivated enough to do it.

Even if I casually say I would like to do that, because it would be a huge project I would have to motivate myself to the level that I really am prepared to take on this huge responsibility […] should I ever take it on, it would have to be the biggest project I’ve done. My life work. So I would have to be as highly motivated as that to end up with something I’m very happy with. It’s a huge thing for me.

Kitase and Square Enix are currently working on remastered versions of Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2 for PS3 and PS Vita, and Kitase has personal reasons for wanting to make new versions of those games, “My son, he’s at the age where he was too young to have played the original games when they released […] I wanted him to play one of my creations, so I had to make it available for PS3 and Vita users. That’s the reason.”

While a Final Fantasy 7 remake may not currently be in production it’s encouraging to hear that Kitase has given serious consideration to the idea, so fans will surely get their wish at some point in the future. Before that happens FF fans will  have the recently released Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII to keep themselves busy as well as the aforementioned FF 10 and 10-2 remakes and the forthcoming Final Fantasy 14 MMO.


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