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Nintendo 2DS Officially Announced

The new system will be available in black and blue or white and red.

The new system will be available in black and blue or white and red.

Nintendo has announced that it will be bringing a new handheld console to the market, the rather bizarrely named Nintendo 2DS . The new system is being marketed as a cheaper way to enjoy 3DS games, of course without the option of 3D visuals. It will launch on 12 October at the price of £109.99 or $129.99 in the US. Besides not displaying games in 3D the 2DS seems to share all the features of the 3DS, including backwards compatibility with original DS games however it does differ largely in appearance, you can no longer fold down the top screen as you have been able to do with all previous DS models, instead the new system looks more like a tablet with two screens and instead has a switch if you want to put it into sleep mode. You can take a closer look at the Nintendo 2DS in the video below.

New Carrie Trailer (Potential Spoilers)

Sony Pictures have released this new trailer of their forthcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s Carrie. A word of warning though, if you are planning on seeing the movie and haven’t seen the earlier version from 1976 or read the book, the trailer does reveal rather a lot of important plot details. The official synopsis of the movie describes it as

A reimagining of the classic horror tale about Carrie White (Chloë Grace Moretz), a shy girl outcast by her peers and sheltered by her deeply religious mother (Julianne Moore), who unleashes telekinetic terror on her small town after being pushed too far at her senior prom. Based on the best-selling novel by Stephen King, Carrie is directed by Kimberly Peirce with a screenplay by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa.

The trailer also invites you to call a number where you can hear a creepy message from Carrie or her overprotective mother.

The movie will be released on October 18 in the US and November 29 in the UK.

New Professor Layton Game Announced by Level-5

7 new characters, but where's Layton?

7 new characters, but where’s Layton?

Level-5 have revealed that they are bringing a new entry in the Professor Layton series to 3DS, iOS and Android but it seems like the game, currently dubbed ‘Layton 7’, will be rather different from what we have come to expect from the series.  For a start the titular Professor was mysteriously absent from  all artwork and video footage that was shown at Level-5’s Vision event. The game was described as a “role-playing puzzle game” and you will apparently be able to play as various new characters such as those shown above. Also new to the series is the 3D isometric viewpoint which can be seen in this video courtesy of


Besides these few details little is known about the title at this point, but we will bring you more information as it surfaces. Here  in Europe we are still awaiting the release of the previous game in the series, Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy, which will be released on November 8.

Capcom Unveils Monster Hunter 4 Opening Cinematic

Capcom have uploaded this stunning CGI cinematic from the latest Monster Hunter game onto their Youtube channel. The latest entry in the Monster Hunter series is mere weeks away from release date in Japan, where it will be available from September, 14th but sadly Capcom has not yet announced whether it will be bringing the game to PAL regions. The title will, at least initially, be exclusive to Nintendo 3DS.

Check Out The Walking Dead Season 4 Teaser Trailer

AMC have released this short clip from the new season of The Walking Dead which is set to air on October 13 in the US. It will begin airing shortly after in October on FOX in the UK. The clip shows Michonne struggling to overcome a walker ambush and doesn’t give away many details of what to expect plot-wise from this new season, nevertheless take a look at the clip above to see for yourself.

New Batman: Arkham Origins Trailer

WB Games Montreal revealed a new trailer at Gamescom today for the forthcoming prequel in the Arkham series. This trailer gives us our first real look at one of the games’ new villains, Firefly, as well as featuring Black Mask, The Batwing, Joker, and much more. Batman: Arkham Origins is scheduled for release on October 25 this year for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC.

Shadow of the Beast Reboot Headed to PS4

Some interesting news from Gamescom for any retro gamers planning on getting a PS4, classic Amiga game Shadow of the Beast is getting the reboot treatment courtesy of developers Heavy Spectrum. The original game was a side-scrolling platformer produced by Reflections Interactive and published by Psygnosis in 1989, so it’s fair to say the beast has been out of action for quite some time, although the original game did get several sequels and ports, the last of which was released in 1992.

Screenshot of the original   Shadow of the Beast on Commodore Amiga

Screenshot of the original Shadow of the Beast on Commodore Amiga

Judging from the trailer the new game does not seem to be sticking with the series’ platforming roots, focusing more on brutal combat and action. Heavy Spectrum CEO Matt Birch wrote on the Official Playstation Blog, “We want to create a magical combination of unique combat and gameplay to enthral you as a player, with a mystical world that can engage you as a person.”

No release date has yet been announced.

New Pokemon Anime Based on Original Games (Trailer)

The first trailer has been released for ‘Pokemon: The Origin’, a one-off special anime set to air on 2nd October in Japan, that’s ten days before Pokemon X & Y launch internationally. The anime is said to mirror the story of the games much more closely than previous Pokemon animations, with the plot being lifted from the classic Pokemon Red and Green versions (known as Red and Blue in the west).

Charles Dance Signs on for The Witcher 3


Charles Dance, The Witcher 3

Following on from the trailer released earlier today, CD Projekt Red have announced that the eminent British actor Charles Dance will voice Emperor Emhyr var Emreis in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The game’s lead writer Marcin Blacha said:

Charles Dance is the perfect candidate to play the mighty Nilfgaardian emperor in our upcoming title. It’s a dream come true for the team here at RED to be able to work with such an accomplished actor and magnetic personality.

Dance is currently best known for his role as Tywin Lannister in Game of Thrones, and has also appeared in films such as Alien 3, Last Action Hero, and Gosford Park.

Vin Diesel to Play Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy?

Actor, Vin Diesel has seemingly confirmed his role in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy after posting a picture of the character Groot on his Facebook page. Vin Diesel has long been rumored to be up for a part in the Marvel cinematic universe although if he is indeed to play Groot it may come as a surprise to some as, in the comics, the character, who is an alien tree-like creature, is only capable of saying the words ‘I am Groot’. When asked about the potential role by The LA Times Vin Diesel said:

As an actor, not everything has to be the most obvious choice. And sometimes, the best thing you can do — as far as Steven Spielberg and his advice — is to defy expectations. So if everybody thinks you’re going to go for this one thing and you flip it entirely and go for the strangest Marvel character, it’s interesting. And when something is interesting, it’s inspiring.


Groot, second from left, in concept art for the movie.

Guardians of the Galaxy is scheduled for release on 1 August and already boasts a star-studded cast that includes Benicio Del Toro, Zoe Zaldana, Chris Pratt, Glenn Close and Karen Gillan.